Donnerstag, 25. August 2011


skijpeVJ, the video, gives a glimpse of how the peer-to-peer communication system Skype serves as a platform and is used to (con)fuse genii locorum in a "show & tell" version of Vj-ing, reciprocal location hopping and general horsing around.

Connections can & do go haywire time and again! But as they tidy up the residents jump to streaming video and music to and from both locations. Volunteers are always encouraged to do their on-camera bits!

Respect locals!

Video Summary of a 3 hours DJ Session from 29.03.2010.I was deejaying live from Saarbrücken/ Germany via Skype over to Amsterdam/ Netherlands at the opening of the Beehive Gallery.General idea of this video is to show a multi layered time span situation.New Media types allow nowadays to put time and space into a new relative/ relational aes using realtime programs a la skype we enhance the participatory element of art-production.The revolution wont be skyped!

Equipment used: 3 Laptops / Wifi - Connection / Webcams

thank you Zsolt and Roland!


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