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Participation in film

 I had a supporting role in:

The extensive art project Yours in Solidarity that began in 2010, investigates the contemporary history of anarchism and is presented for the first time at New Art Space Amsterdam (NASA) in its entirety. Nicoline van Harskamp creates a complex and resounding portrait of anarchism’s supporters through analyses of the correspondence archive of the late Dutch anarchist Karl Max Kreuger, now housed in the International Institute for Social History (IISG) in Amsterdam. From 1988 until 1999, Kreuger corresponded by post with approximately 400 fellow anarchists worldwide. Through the study of respective political observations and handwriting analysis of some 60 letter writers, Nicoline van Harskamp re-activated the proponents’ life stories. Using actors of the relevant age and nationality, in a fully staged meeting of international correspondents, the artist suggests what would happen if they were to meet today. The resulting work is a reflective archive of Nicoline van Harskamp’s notes and copied extracts of over 1000 letters including video documentation of individual working sessions with actors and a film.

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Mittwoch, 14. November 2012


Presentation of the movie Nosferatu - The fear of Alienation and performance of the live soundtrack. At Brakke Grond/ Amsterdam 9 & 10 Nov 2012.

The Performance >> The torture never ends <> Nosferatu the Fear of Alienation << showed a rehearsal situation of three actors/ one musician and a movie director. We staged a live soundtrack of the movie. The soundtrack is not made to underline the film forever but to add another dimension, live into the screening situation.On stage the three voices were constantly interrupted by the director's instructions and live comments of what is happening in the room and on stage. Some of it were smart some only to disagree and seduce the view away from the things one saw & heard. A role play suddenly began where i was the director, photographer & sound engineer.As if not enough I had to talk to a Japanese woman next to me who wanted to know everything about the performance and myself. 

I played in classic music to create more or less appropriate moments. The director was shouting through the megaphone while the audience was busy trying to understand the text they got to hear. The atmosphere got dramatized by all kind of sorts of interventions. Some people left the room. Some asked if they can smoke in the gallery. I remember that Andreas started smoking on stage and the others followed in the auditorium. As it were, a first potential resistance point that we created against political correctness .The people started to get the idea of this retro performance while i tried to bring in old heroes of political resistance like Ulrike Meinhof and Rudi a critique of the silent and thoughtful youth that we see nowadays. Many were touched by the topic of the movie because they were migrants themselves f.e. from England, Turkey & Sweden... 


Montag, 29. Oktober 2012


Trailer for the film NOSFERATU THE FEAR OF ALIENATION. A SILENT MOVIE WITH HENK NUWENHOUD. Premiere in the Brakke Grond 9 and 10 Nov. See HERE

Sonntag, 28. Oktober 2012


Buy one minute of our performance show in the Brakke Grond at the Rietveld Uncut exhibition! On 9 and 10 Nov you get the chance to occupy a minute in our presentation show of the film Nosferatu - The Fear of Alienation, a silent Movie by Eugen Georg with Henk Nuwenhoud! You get one minute for only 10 EUR ! Free speech !!! Free actions !!! Tell us about your experience with refugees and migrants. Talk about political or personal problems you encountered. 99% of the donation go directly to the refugee Camp in Notweg Amsterdam/ Osdorp !!! Cash on sight! Exact time t.b.a... Declare your donation will by leaving a comment here: CLICK